The Vagabond Official Soundtrack is about 30 days and will be available to pre-order at the end of this week. When it does, the title track will be downloadable right way. Vagabond 2020 is a refresh of work years in the making… Here’s what James had to say.

“Before Tom was actually formed, many of the early songs were composed on a four-track recorder in a basement. After years of suffering in cover bands, we decided to do our own thing”.

It was then that Derrick and James started creating their own works. ”Vagabond” and ”Broken Toys”, which are both revisited on the upcoming release, were two of those early works. When the song ”Vagabond” started to take shape, James and Derrick realized they weren’t interested following the standard rock-n-roll formula, they were heading in a new direction. Starting with a keyboard part, first banged out on a cheap Casio keyboard, moving on by adding a recorder…and vocals, the song cried out for a ”cinematic treatment”. It would take years to do those early ideas justice. However, even in the early stages, ”Vagabond” created imagery that would become a large part of the Tom story.

Here’s Derrick’s take on re-recording Vagabond…

For me, re-approaching music written many years ago is a bit like paleontology or cosmology… It’s taking what we find from the far distant past and re-interpreting it in the context of today. In this case, filling out what we had then with the tools we have today and of course with Jame’s new production, combining it with a theatrical performance. Of course, that was always the intent, even if we didn’t know it at the time.