The Last Outpost received a good review from the French mag, ProgCritique. Here’s a rough Google translation of what they had to say:

Tom is a collective of artists who work on musical and visual projects. His latest album, ‘The Last Outpost’ is full of beautiful melodies that exude passion, creativity and develop climatic atmospheres that often give the thrill. As we listen to the ten tracks of the album, we realize how well-honed this group of musicians is and icing on the cake, James Finn’s song, deep and deep, is the perfect complement to the illustration of all these sound stagings. As for musical references, Tom plunges us into a mix of styles that have some points in common with Floyd and Peter Gabriel. To name just a few of the many strengths of the album, which really hit the mark, there is the duo: from the title track, “The Last Outpost” and ” Mescaline” that create sweet languorous excursions of calm and calm beauty. A resolutely hypnotic album!


You can stream “The Last Outpost” right now on Spotify, Apple, or most other streaming services. You can also listen to and purchase a copy on Bandcamp here, including the “Continous Play” version.