ToM is a unique American theatrical rock group founded in the early 1990s in south-central Wisconsin. Over the years they have evolved into a band that mixes elements of psychedelic rock, progressive rock, and vintage rock into their sound. Their music ranges from theatrical to melancholy and haunting.

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Tom’s Lastest Project, “The Last Outpost” is available Now!

The Last Outpost

The Last Outpost

The Last Outpost Out Now!

Music Inspired by POE

Music Inspired By Poe

Tom’s Music Inspired by Poe, the 2021 theatrical soundtrack to “Poe” performed by Two Griffin’s Theatre Company!

Vagabond Cover


2020’s Vagabond Soundtrack became the first new music for Tom in over 20 years!

Our Story

After founding various rock and roll acts and performing throughout Wisconsin, James Finn and Derrick Mayoleth formed ToM in 1993 to finally focus on their own unique visions of blending elements of art rock, and prog, with their theatrical background. Over the years, Tom has collaborated with a variety of talented artists, constantly evolving their sound. With a focus on storytelling and creating immersive musical experiences, Tom continues to create thought-provoking and imaginative music.

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Another Strong Review For “Outpost”

Another Strong Review For “Outpost”

We were happy to see a new Review of "The Last Outpost" from Prog Rogue! Since their review is only available (As far as I can tell) on Facebook, I'll share the complete unedited review below. TOM(USA) The Last Outpost Well this was quite the discovery , an unexpected...

Beautiful Melodies That Exude Passion…

Beautiful Melodies That Exude Passion…

The Last Outpost received a good review from the French mag, ProgCritique. Here's a rough Google translation of what they had to say: Tom is a collective of artists who work on musical and visual projects. His latest album, 'The Last Outpost' is full of beautiful...

The Last Outpost. Out Now.

The Last Outpost. Out Now.

Embark on a captivating musical journey with "The Last Outpost," the latest creation from the enigmatic collective, ToM. This brand-new original album invites you to explore a unique fusion of theatrical art rock, a touch of "prog", and a dash of retro psychedelic...



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