Tom is close to releasing the soundtrack for ”Vagabond”, the stage production that turned into a film production due to COVID-19. Here’s the latest on the project from the Two Griffins Theatre Company…

What is Two Griffins Theatre up to now?

We’re making a film, of course. We refuse to let COVID-19 shut down our creative reserves. This past Sunday, our cast and crew started work on ”Vagabond”. ”Vagabond” was originally planned as a stage production, but then the pandemic changed all our plans for that. Now, this isn’t some big-budget, Hollywood blockbuster. We’re taking ideas that would’ve been up on the stage at The Grand Theater in November, and moving it to locations around the area. Not only does this give our company of talented artists a chance to put their abilities out there again…it provides a spiritual boost to our theatre company and will be a fundraiser for CVTG, another great organization that has been hindered by COVID-19. When we finish with our ”indie film” version of the stage play, we hope that you will support not only Two Griffins, but also CVTG, our actors and crew, and the band, Tom. When completed, you’ll be able to purchase tickets to watch the film on the CVTG website(Look for the link down below). You’ll also be able to hear the amazing ”Vagabond” soundtrack by Tom on BandCamp (Also, look for the link below). We appreciate your support.

Thanks to our Director Of Photography, Tim Reginald Carter…as well as Lance Steven Harris, Meg Hammes-Murray…and Will Finn, for their dedication and hard work thus far.

Links to check out:

Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)

Tom Music on Bandcamp “Vagabond” soundtrack by Tom (Available in October):

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