We’ve got a brand new “old school” release for you. “The Ruin” leans back into the days of when hard rock was, well, “Heavy, Man!”. This new track features James Finn on vocals, while Derrick Mayoleth and Jon Larson played various guitars and synths. Check it out!

Virtual Garage Jam!

The Ruin is another “pandemic production” where everyone added their bits from various locations, and then the band was virtually re-assembled in the studio back here in Wisconsin. For “The Ruin” we wanted to recreate the vibe of our old rehearsals. In many iterations, and many late nights in some garage, basement, or warehouse someone would just slip into a riff, and soon, everyone else was jumping in on the jam and who knew where it would lead!? Occasionally it would turn out to be something like…

Check Out Vagabond!

ToM came back together in 2020 to work with James Finn on the musical score for his theatrical production of “Vagabond”. (The soundtrack is available on Bandcamp as well.) Like many things in 2020, the pandemic forced changes and the stage show became a video production. In fact, part 2 of Vagabond will be released in about a week (February 26th, 2021). You can check that out here.

The Creature From Beyond The Future!!!

Reviving ToM has been fun, frustrating, heartwarming, challenging, F’ing awesome!, and every other emotion you can imagine. To do it, we had to find new ways to make music and new ways to communicate! And beyond “Vagabond”, we had to decide what else we wanted to produce. One of our first goals was to take some of our older music and make some decent recordings of these tracks. There were songs we loved, and some live favorites that we really wanted to get down. New takes on 90s tunes such as Down The River (One of my personal favorites!) & Vagabond were released last year on the Vagabond Soundtrack. We reworked, “Barker Pug” and we are currently working on bringing another fun live track, “Systematic” back to life as well. But what’s super exciting is the new stuff. Fresh ideas, new vibes, and new ways to tell the stories were challenging to pull off in the day… Will an all new ToM LP be coming sometime in the future….?

And, again, Thank YOU for your support!