Today you can pre-order and preview ToM’s “Vagabond” on Bandcamp. Just click here and off you go!

The complete soundtrack will be released on Halloween, October 31st, 2020.

The ”Vagabond” score and soundtrack is an evocative musical journey that creates the perfect mood and embellishes the imagery of the ”Vagabond” film. A trip down the rabbit hole on a film journey that promises to be surrealistic. Moments of hope, followed by darker tones. An evocative journey that is, at times, ethereal…frightening…mysterious…and other-worldly. ToM creates the perfect aural soundtrack to the visuals, both mysterious and adventurous.

Along with today’s pre-release celebration, you can check out two timeless ToM songs that have been reimagined for this new project. Vagabond and Down The River. Listen below…