Tom is back with another brand new tune. This is another one that was written, recorded and produced during ”lockdown”.

The song is called ”Ether” and harkens back to the days of “art” or “progressive” rock, the music that influenced us during our formative years.

It’s a different type of tune for the band (Although, we did explore a similar style on the song ”Window” from our past).

”Ether” features a haunting melody with slightly enigmatic lyrics. The story the lyrics tell: ”The last survivors of a dying planet journey towards the stars. Their only hope for the future is to find a new home, but what will they find out there amongst the stars? Will it be a better fate than they left behind? Drift away. Ether features an opening line which is an intentional reference to another Tom song (”Barker Pug”).” An owl flies through a wooden sky”. The lyric is meant as a symbolic moment to express that the band has come full circle. Our lives have changed during all these years, but from the starting point with ”Barker Pug” up through ”Ether”, Tom is still sailing.

Ether was a true “band” effort. The original piano melody was brought in by Derrick and soon James had the core of the lyrics. Then Jon brought in the arrangements that build up the emotional ride until the final note…

As much as we have enjoyed revisiting the older tunes and giving them a fresh coat of paint, creating new songs after all these years has opened many windows and now we’re really just exploring new ideas and new sounds. We’re proud to say there is more to come.

Of course, if you’d like to support ToM, Ether can be purchased on Bandcamp.