When our new album, The Last Outpost is released on the 15th, we’d like to suggest that the first time you listen to it, listen all the way through and… wear your headphones!

Back in the olden times music fans would buy giant albums and take them home to listen to. Sometimes, depending on the artist, it was an event. All your friends would gather together to hear it for the first time. Which was great if you were still deciding if you wanted to buy it. Other times, depending on the artist, you locked yourself in your room alone with your speakers pointed at each side of your head or if you were lucky, with a nice set of headphones. Headphones create a more immersive listening experience. The music surrounds you, enveloping you in a three-dimensional soundscape that simply can’t be achieved with speakers. Some music asks for this kind of listening experience and often once you experience an album this way, it sticks with you. Even when you hear it again on a less-than-optimal system.

"Wear Headphones"

We hope The Last Outpost is one of those albums for you. On that first ride to the Last Outpost, find a quiet space, with your choice of libation, and a great set of headphones. 🙂