Happy Halloween! Today we have a new tune to put in your basket… Leper.

“Leper” is the second track released from the upcoming “Outpost” project after When The Time, released earlier this year. The song ”Leper” goes back to the early days of Tom. A rough demo of the tune was recorded by James and Derrick back in the 90s. It was left unfinished though until it was rediscovered for use in the ”Outpost” project.

Even though the lyrics seem as though they stem from a bleak and dark place, they are based on the general themes of individual liberation and staying true to your personal journey in a society that praises individuality but rewards conformity.

Leper - Single Sleeve

The ”gas mask” character in the video is based on one of the characters from the upcoming Two Griffins Theatre production of ”The Last Outpost”. Leper was brought back to life for this production to reflect how one of ”The Last Outpost” characters perceives his life has played out over the course of the story.

James and Derrick are now exploring a path of melding Two Griffins theatre projects with Tom’s musical ambitions to create something unique to both. The Outpost project is another small step in that direction. Just wait until you hear the entire album! But that’s a story for another day…

If you enjoy ToM’s creations please buy your copy of Leper and subscribe over on Bandcamp!

Due Credit…

Leper was recorded over the course of 2022 by James & Derrick. Words & Music by James Finn & Derrick Mayoleth. Lead vocals by James with additional vocals by Derrick. Chris Finn provided the voice of “Garbo”.

Instruments, production & mastering by Derrick at his Skillet Creek Studio in central Wisconsin.

The Spider Spirit

The video was filmed throughout the month of October in various locations with the help of talented friends and family members. Concepts were developed by James & Derrick. Chris Finn provided the “spider spirit” robes. Susan Johansen-Mayoleth created the spirit’s prairie mask. The gas mask character was portrayed by James Finn. The spirit was portrayed by Susan Johansen-Mayoleth & Will Finn. Video production & editing was done by Derrick.